Thursday, October 05, 2006

101 versi Lagu Stairways to Heaven

Stairways to Heaven, Stairways to Hell (MP3s)

Here are 101 versions of the song that doesn't remain the same, depending on whether it's the the Australian music hall version, the Gilligan's Island version, the backwards version, the backwards splice-and-dice quarter note version, the glass harmonica version, the Doors version, the reggae version and on and on (all MP3s). Much of this came from former FMU DJ KBC's CD of the same name, which took much of it's content from this 1992 LP.
Dusty Cowshit Hard-Ons Little Roger & The Goosebumps Rock Lobsters
Neil Pepper SCTV Glass Harp Leonard Teale Beatnix
Ludwig Von 88 Leif Norbergs John Paul Young Pardon Me Boys
Kalocin Fargone Beauties Richard Cheese Robyne Dunn
Rolf Harris GS Incorporated Australian Doors Show
Dixie Power Trio Kate Ceberano & Ministry of Fun Thomas Dimuzio
Sandra Kahn & Michael Turkic Pat Boone Tiny Tim & Brave Combo
Nashville Super Pickers Congo Natty
Foo Fighters Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Dolly Parton
Nileppez Del Dread Zeppelin Leningrad Cowboys & The Red Army Chorus
Frank Zappa Vegimite Reggae
UPDATE: Dutch artist Jeroen Offerman learned how to sing Stairway backwards. Here's a page about it from listener Neil's blog, with the full video. Thanks Mike and Neil!
UPDATE 2: Here's version number 39, an instrumental from Redd Kross. Thanks Arthur!
UPDATE 3: Here are a batch more versions I received since my original post. Click below the jump for 17 more Stairways:
Mitsuhiro Nishiwaki (Musicbox) Nick Barker and The Reptiles Splice of Life, Inc
Venetian Snares and Speedranch Norelpref Barry Crocker & The Doug Anthony Allstars
Etcetera Theater Company Helen Jones James Kochalka Superstar
Jodie Gillies Judi Connell London Symphony Orchestra
Far Corporation Stanley Jordan Sydney Philharmonia
Those Darn Accordians Toys Went Berserk
Thanks to Norelpref, Eric, Lukas, Matt, Dan and Frank for this last batch!
Also, here is the Stairway Suite page, with MP3 samples of the song as if it were composed by six well known composers. Thanks to Dave B!
Will the number of Stairways we exceed the number of Tico Ticos? We're getting close...
UPDATE 4: Here are four more, bringing the grand total to 60. Thanks to: Lukas, Mark, John and Al!
Iron Maiden Me First and The Gimme Gimmes
Milish Rodrigo y Gabriela
UPDATE 5: We've done it! With the addition of these four versions, we've exceeded the number of versions of Tico Tico, and it's still rising. Will we reach 100 versions? Including in this batch is one by the National Cynical Network, which combined the first 50 or so covers for their version, and a mashup by DJ Earworm. Thanks Phineas, Earworm, Maarten and Noah!
National Cynical Network DJ Earworm
Heavy Fuel A Pretty Sunset
UPDATE 6: Alas, only two one new version to add today, plus a famous old andt-Stairway diatribe. But more are reportedly on the way. Thanks to Rich, Steven and Barrett! (Later, I realized I already linked Richard Cheese. This is a bad sign, when even I've lost track of what's up here...)
Die Zorros Richard Cheese Michael Mills (Spoken Diatribe)
UPDATE 6: Here's three more, courtesy of Eric and John:
Bellanova Gregorian Masters of Chant Guster
UPDATE 7: Our man in The Netherlands, Eric, has sent five four more:
Vogelfrai Not Moby Final Fantasy X
Unknown Jose Padilla
UPDATE 8: Whoa - hit the jackpot today! Here are 14 more versions, including a Banjo version (Todd Taylor), a yodeling version (Mary Schneider), a string quartet and more. Thanks Eric (aka NaN), Carl and Theo!
Todd Taylor Camper Van Beethoven Mary Schneider, Yodeling Queen of Australia
Sisters of Mercy White Skull Sons of Ishmael Whipper Snappers
Stereofeed String Quartet Orchestra National De Jazz Havanarama
Reverend Billy C Wirtz Zakk Wylde Johnny Bic
UPDATE 9: As we approach the 100 mark, I should announce now my intention to not turn Stairway To Heaven into my life's work - I'll be stopping additions when I reach 101 versions, although after that point, I'll add new versions that are outstanding or unusual, and retire some of the more boring verrsions I've already posted. Here's seven more, thanks to Nan and Mr. You-Know-Who.
The Raleigh Ringers The Sauerkraut Project Steve Morse
The Lounge-O-Leers Helloween The Dick Twang Band
The Symphonic Led Zeppelin
UPDATE 10: With these eight versions, we make it to a nice round 101 covers, and I hereby end this little project there. (I removed two other versions, one of which was a duplicate, and another which was a Zeppelin acoustic version!) I'm still open to receiving more versions and I may occasionally rotate dull versions out for new, unusual versions. But no more daily updates. Thanks to Diego, NaN and M-Slick da ninjA for this final round, and thanks to everyone else who submitted versions in the last week!
Dash Rip Rock (Stairway to Freebird) Short Attention Span Stairway
Jana Iron Horse Ann Wilson

Del Pueblo Del Barrio Jon Brion M-Slick da ninjA
UPDATE 11: I've eliminated a few misspellings pointed out in the comments, and also deleted links to identical songs with different titles. As a result, we've fallen below 101 versions. If anyone has a version not here, e-mail me at ken at wfmu dot org and I'll add it, so we can get back to 101. (I'm counting the backwards Dutch version as one of the original 101 versions.)
UPDATE 12: We're back up to 101 versions. Thanks Delano and Jeff! The previous version by Heart was in fact Ann Wilson solo, this is Heart live from 1976.
Renato & Tribuzy Heart

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